The Project

The Innovation in Early School Leaving Project will facilitate the transfer of knowledge and sharing of innovation and learning across the EU for wider adoption by the education sector.

Project Aims and Objectives

To establish a network of European VET organisations to facilitate the import and export of best practice to improve the quality of training for people at risk of / who are ESL.
To share best practice within the partnership by delivering 5 workshops aligned to the key issues affecting early school leaving.
To ensure the involvement of key stakeholders including beneficiaries, parents, employers, funders in project implementation and dissemination activities.
To undertake formative and summative evaluation of the programme and produce best practice guides
To enable all partners to import and apply at least 1 innovative aspect of best practice within their organisation
To enable partners to observe the application of best practice through benchmarking visits that will be facilitated within the workshop schedule
To share learning from the programme by hosting local and European dissemination events for a wider network and by making all products freely available on the Internet

Project Timeline 2013

Workshop 1 - UK

19th -20th November 2013

Co-ordination and Management

Will establish the management framework (technical, financial, communication) of the project for partners to work towards, ensure the establishment of a network of VETĀ organisationsĀ to facilitate the import and export of best practice.

Workshop 2 - Portugal

25th - 26th March 2014

Transfer of Methodologies

Will benchmark activities on early school leaving from each partner, it will include presentations on innovative practices and prevention and intervention strategies, as well as workshops on how these activities and practices can be adapted for each country, supported by appropriate training programmes to key partners.

Workshop 3 - Romania

October 2014

Adaption of Methodologies

Will include feedback from partners on results achieved with regards to the adaption of innovative practices to develop best practices moving forward. It will look at issues which have been overcome and areas for future development.

Workshop 4 - Italy

March 2015

Evaluations and Recommendations

Will evaluate the impact and results of project activities to form the basis of best practice guides and will look at the identification and monitoring of approaches to early school leaving, as well as prevention, intervention and compensation strategies

Final Conference - Turkey

June 2015

Valorisation of results, dissemination and sustainability and Final Conference

Will disseminate results, sharing critical points in activity, and highlighting items of added value - using case studies. It will deliver a final conference for the project.

Project End

30th September 2015

Final Report

30th October 2015